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JourneyRight Launch New Online Rail Accreditation Testing Platform

Our new online testing platform is now available to our clients.

Specific to the accreditation process laid out by Rail Delivery Group for retailers of rail tickets, RAT allows us to easily collate all of the test evidence & results together in one place making the process as efficient as possible.

Watch the introductory video to discover more below:

How does RAT help?

In order to sell rail tickets you need to be accredited as a retailer.

To do this, there are a series of standards set out currently by Rail Delivery Group against which your system needs to be tested.

But it can often be difficult from these high level standards and tests to nail down exactly what the tests are that you need to run on your system.

And once you’ve run your tests, it’s not always easy to collate all of the evidence and results in one place – especially when some tests might need to be re-run if the results don’t pass the requirements.

And so we came up with a solution…

We call it Retail Automated Testing, or RAT for short, and it’s a central point to easily create reports and collate all of your evidence when going through accreditation.

It’s easy to enter all of your evidence and  test results that you run on your system. There’s space to enter SDCI+ records, E-Ticket evidence and even screenshots of errors for regression testing. 

Everything is cross-referenced against the standards and tests laid out by Rail Delivery Group. This makes it easy to demonstrate you are compliant with their requirements.

How Is This More Efficient?

We provide a list of pre-existing testsets to be used as templates so that you can enter data as quickly as possible. 

So for example if  you are testing compliance of your new retailing API or season tickets, then you can select an appropriate testset from the dropdown and the relevant journey scenarios will pre-fill automatically for you.

So we no longer need to develop our own Testsets?

Yes that’s correct. You can use pre-existing testsets stored within RAT. When you need to tailor those testsets to your system specifically, you can also easily create and store new testsets to be used again as templates in future.

How Does RAT Integrate with the Accreditation Process?

Once the data is entered, RAT will automatically generate a report for you that is easily accessible by the analysts carrying out the accreditation. All of your evidence is grouped automatically by the standards and tests that they are looking to fulfil.

Once you are happy with the results, the report is easily shared with your accreditation analyst from within RAT.

The key thing is that you don’t have to keep approaching RDG over the testing. You can carry out testing of your system, and only send the report over to Accreditation once the results are likely to pass… This saves a lot of time and ultimately money spent on Analyst’s time…

Melvin Mayes, Director | JourneyRight

This way, the supplier and the authority are both working from the same page, making the whole process quicker and simpler.

So where does Automation come in?

We’ve also developed API access so that you can integrate directly with the RAT framework and UI.

This means that you can automatically and continually run transactions and collate the results from your ticket issuing system.

RAT will check those results against the Rail Delivery Group compliance standards for you to ensure you are meeting accreditation requirements, leaving you to focus on the retailing.

So if you’re considering selling rail tickets or adding an additional feature that needs accrediting, get in touch and we can help you through that process as efficiently as possible. 

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