JourneyRight exists to help companies that trade in the UK rail retailing sector gain and maintain the mandated accredited status they require.

A Word From Melvin

My interest in public transport and railways led to a career working up through National Rail retailing to become Compliance and Relationship Manager at Rail Delivery Group (RDG).

I was responsible for multiple ticketing systems and the accreditation process by which RDG ensures the sale of each individual ticket is settled correctly to the carrying TOC’s and the customers are issued with a valid ticket for their chosen journey.

In April 2020, I decided to retire after nearly 34 years in rail retailing. But transport and in particular rail gets in your blood. It’s not easy to just walk away.

So shortly after my retirement, I set up my own company JourneyRight to help companies retailing UK rail by providing assistance and advice to get over the many hurdles they face.This includes accreditation, a process that I tried to ensure was not a barrier to retailing but a necessary quality control.

As we move away from paper and human interaction to smart media and digital information, we still need to ensure the carrier gets paid for the journey being undertaken and the customer has matching evidence of that contract to travel.

The lockdown has shown that we can exist on-line but the human desire to interact with others and the world we live in means travel is far from dead. However carriers will need to persuade customers both old and new that it’s a journey worth making.

I’m passionate that post Covid-19 transport has to start proving it is safe, reliable, simple to use and good value for money. This is where JourneyRight can assist you and where we’d love to help.

Please take a look through our Portfolio Page to see what JourneyRight are currently involved in and what we’ve achieved. If you have any questions, do get in touch via the contact form and I’ll be happy to have a further conversation.

Best wishes,

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Melvin Mayes Company Owner at JourneyRight Limited

“…Melvin is an experienced and professional manager who ‘gets things done’ and assists industry partners achieve mutually beneficial objectives. He is a pleasure to work with…”

Paul Moirano – Managing Director, Assignments in Marketing Limited