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New Virtual Meeting Rooms

The world has changed very rapidly in 2020, Covid-19 has through necessity forced new ways of working and communicating for both businesses and individuals. The “zoom” meeting has entered common vocabulary.

Self-hosted Secure Online Meeting Room Solution

I suspect most people have now experienced a virtual meeting…” says Melvin from JourneyRight. “But I did find the whole process of setting up a virtual meeting really cumbersome with Zoom & Teams. So I was relieved when I was shown a new alternative!”

JourneyRight now has its own self-hosted virtual meeting room that has been developed with its IT partner Conical Sphere.

No copying & pasting URLs, just all accessible easily from the front of the website just by the click of a button.

A virtual space that can be used anytime by whoever JourneyRight allows in to the room. A secure, private, virtual space to meet in. It’s used regularly for normal meetings but has also been used for friends and family to meet and have virtual celebrations.

I would not have been able to set up JourneyRight Limited over the lock-down if I had not had the virtual meeting room…” claims Melvin from JourneyRight “…And it still forms the core communication point for all operations today.”

You can read more about our custom meeting room, the reason it came about and how it could benefit your business: click here.

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