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12 Years at Rail Delivery Group

Gaining and maintaining an accredited status is mandatory for any ticketing system selling UK National Rail products. The process ensures systems keep up with changes to standards and that settlement of ticket sales to the carrying train operators will be accurate. Melvin was responsible for accreditation at ATOC/RDG and developed the process to cope with the growth and development of ticketing over the last ten years. As a result JourneyRight is able to offer assistance and advice to help smooth the path to accredited status. If you are looking for information on accreditation a good starting point is the Rail Delivery Group website. – Link to Accreditation on RDG website

Accreditation is a simple process but a phrase that’s often used is “the devil is in the detail”. If you would like assistance dealing with the detail then please get in touch and we can discuss how JourneyRight can help.

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