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Fare Discount “Rounding Rules” Calculator

As part of our ongoing work supporting Ticketing Issuing Suppliers Accreditation, an issue regarding differences in calculating the discounts applied to fares was brought to our attention.

Utilising our experience of the Rail Delivery Group Accreditation Standards, we put together an easy to use Fares Discount Calculator to help provide a quick, definitive answer to what the correct fare should be when using a railcard or providing a discount.

Rounding Rules Fare Discount Calculator

To provide some background, in order to comply with Advertising Standards, it’s important that the customer always receives the discount as advertised in full.

So when a retailer offers a discount of 1/3 off (33.33333%), it’s not correct to only provide 33%. As a result, although railcards advertise “Save up to 1/3 on your ticket price”, the true discount is actually 34%.

Practically this is solved by rounding all discounts down to the nearest 5 pence.

But rather than worry about whether or not you have applied this rule correctly, we put together a quick calculator that you can use to cross-reference your fares.

Rounding Rules Fare Discount Calculator

Rounding Rules Calculator

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