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Celebrating The Railway Family

Over the last 12 months JourneyRight in partnership with Conical Sphere and Railway Benefit Fund (RBF) has been developing an idea to stage an event to celebrate the Railway Family and the real people who make our journeys possible. 

The plan is to create a spectacular 48 hour multimedia festival of light on the historical Kings Cross concourse in London.This will be a fantastic opportunity to highlight the railway family and what it achieves, something that has to my knowledge never been done before…” enthuses Melvin from JourneyRight.

Anyone who has worked in the rail industry will understand the term “Railway Family”, a common bond, undefined but known to exist that links and supports staff through good times and bad. The railway industry exists to transport people and goods. The industry relies on 240,000 staff to operate the network. Many of these staff work “front of house” and the interaction between staff and travellers is taking place across the network almost 24/7 throughout the year. It’s this interaction that allows people to live one place and work another, meet customers, friends and family and visit shops and attractions. But do you ever stop and think about the individuals that are helping travellers achieve these things?

If everything worked as it should all the time there would be little need for interaction between staff and public but we all know despite everyone’s best intentions problems occur. Small problems, big problems they all bring moments of stress to the customer but it is often continuous stress to the staff member…” says Arthur from JourneyRight

For more information go to or if you would like to find out about getting involved get in touch with JourneyRight.

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